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    IG: polishgirlinus$24.99 - Customize Now
    Marta - Santa Rosa, CA@polishgirlinus

    Santa Rosa - That’s the place I visited over two years ago, the place I fell in love with and the place where I stayed. Santa Rosa it’s my home now. ♥️

    Sam Brannon$24.99 - Customize Now
    Sam - Chicago, IL

    I followed a girl (and her dog) to Chicago while she pursued her Master's degree. We went through a lot, ate probably too much amazing food, and sat in our fair share of dirty train seats.

    Three years, one engagement and several hundred dog treats later we decided we missed our friends and family too much and moved back to Minnesota.

    MN is home, but Chicago has a piece of our heart.

    IG: schmamykins$24.99 - Customize Now
    Amy - Duluth, MN@schmamykins

    If you’re driving to Duluth, MN at night there is a specific point where you reach the top of a hill that over looks the entire city. If you have even visited Duluth once, you know this view. It is the view of a city that I’m not sure I can truly describe.

    A city where a flood inspires people to canoe in the streets. A city with a Superior lake, that could deceive you into thinking it was an ocean. Each hill you travel up or down in this city reveals a reason to love it.